Socials and Drop-Ins

Winter Indoor Play 2022-2023

WHEN 2nd Sundays 2-4 pm – beginning November 13th
WHO Players of all levels welcome!
WHERE Longmont Athletic Club. 10 Mountain View , Longmont 80501 (303-772-4700)
LIMIT Limited to 10 Players per event.  Must sign up by Friday 6:00 pm that weekend
FORMAT Attendees will be directed to a court by the LAC front desk on a first come first
served basis.  Original partners will play for one hour.  After an hour, partners
will split up.  Winners move to one court and losers move to the other court.
Both winners and losers split and play with a different partner.
COST LTA Members play for $12 and nonmembers $22.
WHAT TO BRING Snacks/drinks to share afterwards
QUESTIONS Please contact


We host informal tennis games/matches on Saturday mornings.  This is a great way to meet new players and kick off your weekend with some recreational tennis.  There is no charge for this event and you do not have to be an LTA member.  Drop-in start times vary as the season progresses, and may not be held for example during holiday weekends (or when there is a foot of snow on the courts).

2022 Drop-In Location:  Affolter Courts (1400 Holly Ave, Longmont, CO 80501)

Dates:  Every Saturday – weather permitting

Times:  Current Start Time 10:00 AM

Typical drop-ins work as follows, with variations from week to week:

  • People show up at will on Saturday mornings – how many show may vary from week to week.  Ideally, you should show up a few minutes early to warm up before play begins
  • Doubles is the objective.  The initial team assignments may be made by the organizer, although this process can be more ad hoc
  • Play is organized in rounds, typically 30 minutes in duration.  At the end of a round, which often occurs before a set is completed, winners are determined.  Various ways are used to determine winners if the game score is tied when the whistle blows.
  • Then there is a “shift change”.  For example, when the round ends, losers of a round may move to the adjacent court to the East and winners move West.  Then, to make things interesting, the new court assignments are swizzled, such that no two players are on the same team twice.  The effect is that over say 4 rounds, you will have a chance to play with 4 different partners.
  • Rinse, lather, repeat for two hours or so.  Some variation should be expected depending on how many participants we have.  There is often opportunity to play some singles as well, for example

See you on the courts!