The LTA has a very active league program.

We reserve tennis courts with the City of Longmont Parks and Recreation. In addition, our League Committee volunteers take care of some of the registration details for you.

Click Here for a menu of USTA and CTA Adult leagues available to you.

In order to play league tennis, you need to do the following:

1 – Join the USTA:

You can do this online at the USTA website.  Keep track of your USTA membership number! You will need this to register.


2 – Have an NTRP Rating:

You will need a current computer-generated NTRP rating or you will be required to rate yourself using guidelines provided by the USTA. If you do not have a current rating, you will need to self-rate. This can be completed on https://tennislink.usta.com.

3 – Join the LTA:

You will need to join the LTA before you can play in a LTA sponsored league.

4 – Contact your team captain:

If you played on a LTA team last year, you should contact your team captain.  Your team captain will provide you with the USTA team number so that you can register for the team on the USTA Tennis Link site.

If you are looking for a new team, you may email league@longmonttennis.com.  We will try to provide you with contact information of captains in the area.  Additionally, USTA provides a Find-A-Team/Find-A-Player service on their website.

Captains Information

If you are a league captain the Captains Information area of the CTA website is a must read. This information is essential for league team captains and gives details for running a well-organized team. It includes:

  • The Captain’s Guide and Responsibilities
  • The Captain’s Guide to Tennislink
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Calendars
  • Scheduling FAQ’s
  • Links to Playoff Information

Captaining Steps:

  1. In order to captain you must be a member of the Longmont Tennis Association.  Join Now
  2. An email will be sent to LTA members around January 1st of each year alerting captains that they may begin to request courts for the new season.  Once that has occurred, you may Register for a team number online.    In order to get a team number and secure your courts, team captains must submit payment at the time of the request using PayPal or mailing a check to the LTA.  If you choose to pay by check, email league@longmonttennis.com directly rather than registering online.
  3. USTA Registration opens on February 1st.  You will be given a USTA team number after registering with LTA.  Give this number to your teammates so they can register on Tennis Link.
  4. Pay attention to the minimum player deadline dates for each league.  The schedules are available under the Captains Information section above.
  5. Once the schedules are available, an LTA volunteer will reserve the courts with the City of Longmont and pass those schedules onto the team captains.
  6. The LTA will only reserve courts for regularly scheduled matches, holiday reschedules and flight playoffs.   The LTA will NOT reserve courts for rainouts or other reschedules.