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Longmont City Courts

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Affolter Park Holly & S. Sherman (4 courts, lights)
Carr Park 21st & Gay (4 courts, lights)
Centennial Park 1100 Lashley (2 courts, lights)
Collyer Park 6th & Collyer (2 courts, lights)
Dawson Park 3200 Lakeshore Dr. (2 courts, lights)
Hover Park 1361 Charles Dr. (2 pickleball courts, lights)
Pratt Park 1663 Northwestern Rd. (4 courts, lights)
Quail Campus 310 Quail Road (10 courts, lights)

St. Vrain Valley High School Courts

Longmont High School 11th & Francis St. (6 courts)
Mead High School 12750 County Road #7 (6 courts)
Niwot High School 8989 E. Niwot Rd. (8 courts)
Silver Creek High School 4901 Nelson Rd. (6 courts)
Skyline High School 600 E. Mtn View Ave. (4 courts)