In late spring/early summer, the LTA will organize a session of round robins.  The round robin will be repeated in late summer. They will be advertised both via eblast as well as on the website. A great way to play some good matches, but more importantly, it’s a good way to meet people.

In the summer months, there are informal tennis games/matches on Saturday morning. There is no charge for this event and you do not have to be an LTA member.  These “Drop-Ins” will be advertised via eblasts (early in the season) and then the schedule is maintained on our website.

In the winter months, the LTA organizes indoor socials about once a month. The winter socials are a great time, and provide organized play for 20 players. These are held at the Longmont Athletic Club.

In the spring, the LTA hopes to organize an outdoor social to kick off the season.  We are always looking for help in planning this event.

Depending on the time of year, check out the drop ins and socials. These are a great way to meet people in a social, semi-competitive format.

The LTA is the mediary for local area teams and both CTA and the City of Longmont. Each USTA league team is set up and run by a volunteer captain(s) of that team. The LTA’s role is to provide a CTA team number to the captain(s) and to reserve City of Longmont courts for the team’s home matches.  The best way to get on a team is to know or find a captain. Alternatively, you can become a captain. From the LTA and USTA point of view, this is no more difficult than being a normal player on the team. From a logistical point of view, the only other duties of captain is to schedule which team members are playing which positions and on what days and to coordinate with the opposing captain.

The LTA doesn’t offer lessons, but there are others in town that do. Check out the Longmont Rec Center and the Longmont Athletic Club.

Just go to the LTA Courts and Schedule page.  There is a link to the reserved courts schedule provided by the City of Longmont for the current week.

In addition to LTA-sponsored events, there’s the Longmont Athletic Club (LAC), which is a private club. The LAC has four indoor courts and it’s a good way to play tennis without freezing during the winter. Membership fees and guest fees vary.

Fox Hill Country Club is a private facility with four outdoor courts, a swimming pool, and golf.